(Striker #9)

Dear RNE Footballers Agent.

Please accept this note of sincere thanks for your good service this year. The three guys you have supplied have all fitted in well, behaved professionally and led from the front on and off the field. It has been a pleasure having them at Hove and I am delighted that two of them will be staying with us for a second season (Unfortunately the third’s visa expires shortly or he would be a more than welcome player at Hove) . This year saw our highest league position we have enjoyed at Hove. I think we can attribute this to matching the players to the club. Thank you to you and your team for taking away the stress of recruiting and for the honest way you have handled the process, making it simple, straightforward and stress free. Let’s hope for many good years to come.


More Questions

How do I become the best of my age group?

A: Playing football at any professional level requires hard work, if signing a professional contract is the young players aim, then the hard work will be worthwhile. Hard work includes working on different parts of your game game, such as fitness, technique, tactical awareness and other aspects of the game which aren?t your strongest in order to become a better player and stand out.

What is the quickest way to find a new club to sign me?

A: Use our profile sending service and we will send details

My son is 14 years old, is this too young to have an agent?

A player cannot sign a contract with an agent until the year he reaches 16. A pre-contract agreement can be offered by agents for players who really stand out but until the player is 18, written consent of a parent of guardian is needed for the deal to be processed formally.

How much does a RNEfootballersagent membership cost?

Registration cost Naira 5000 only. Your profile, pictures and video will be displayed on the site, which will help to promote you. We would advise you to upgrade your membership to “featured player” to get maximum exposure, as most players who get offered a contract with a football agent are listed as featured players.



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